Green Iraq Co.

is one of the largest company in Iraq that works in field of food production and trading which is a part of is  established the factory for the production of Lay’s Chips and Cheetos popcorn with the same international quality and standard in Iraq/Sulaymaniyah city /bazian region. All the factory sections are supervised by professional quality control team and according to PepsiCo standards. Samples of the products are taken periodically over period of 24 hours to conduct all the  required

tests and verify the quality of product before entering to the market.

Our Vision

We are delighted to be Iraqi customers’ first choice, and we will continue to extend the range of our products and customize them to satisfy their rising expectations and needs. We keep a close eye on the newest advancements in our area and put them to good use.

Our Mission

We make it our mission to provide our clients with top quality items sourced from the best suppliers all around the world. Affordability is a crucial element for us when it comes to our products, along with quality.